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Top 7 Tips To Make Your Local Company Better

By Gimpa Wissing

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My name is Gimpa Wissing and since three generations back my family have been working with providing good customer service and even better gold and diamonds to sell. Here comes my best tips how you succeed.

  1. Take care of your customers.
    We live in a really small town in Sweden. To take care of our customers then becomes fundamental. How you do it doesn't matter, but make them feel welcome and take care of them! Words are spreading now more than ever with reviews online and texting people easily. If you have a good sale and help a customer get what he or she wants, the whole town will know!

  2. Create a web shop.
    You and I know that the key for success is selling your product. In my case, this means golds and diamonds in forms of rings, necklaces etc. When I started our web shop, the selling numbers and rates just skyrocketed. Selling gold online wasn't just fun, but more easy. Just make sure your webpage is user friendly.

  3. Make them see you.
    Might be the most vital part here. Start with sponsoring the local football team or bring coffee to the beggars. People need to see you out in action so they know that you do good things and also that you are interested in the best of the city.

  4. Build friendships.
    And in this instance, it is with other companies. At our gold shops we had offers from some gift shops, when you purchased something there, you got a 10 % off discount at our place. Stuff like that sends customers around which is great. We did the same for the gift shops when tourists were looking for souvenirs, so it's a two way street of course.

  5. Talk to them.
    Invite people at least once every six months to talk about their businesses. Learn from each other. You can talk about numbers, trends in the city or even how it's going for that football team. A better community in the city between the stores makes the customers happy no matter what.

  6. Create sales.
    This is something that will get customers to come back specific dates of the year. We had a sale the first week of September that we called "back to school-sale" and everyone in the city knew about it. My point is, create this yourself and enjoy the ride. Remember to put the big smile on and buy them all some cupcakes.

  7. Be humble.
    You need to know that you can always learn something from someone. Invite students or visit them, same thing with other shops. There are tactics you still haven't heard of and maybe never will if you don't open your eyes.

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Article Submitted On: November 20, 2016