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Top 7 Tips To Increase Strength And Endurance

By Raymond Lee

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Once you have pain such as in your back, neck, hips, and shoulder, you are likely to reduce your physical activity, and that ultimately leads to a decline in your strength and endurance. Unfortunately, without sufficient muscle strength and endurance, you will be unable to use good mechanics. For example, to lift an object from the floor while keeping your back in the neutral position, your leg muscles must be strong enough to smoothly lift your body weight plus the weight of the object you are holding. If your legs are weak or easily tired, you will risk straining your back, muscles, and joints by performing this activity. Here are some tips that you can consider to improve your strength and endurance.

  1. Exercise At Least Twice A Week

    Perform the exercises at least two times a week. If your strengthening workouts are a moderate level, you can perform them five to seven times per week. If your workouts are strenuous, do not exercise the same muscles more often than every other day.

  2. Try Doing Many Repetitions

    Start by doing as many repetitions as necessary to produce moderate fatigue. In general, you should gradually work up to doing three sets of 10 to 20 repetitions for each exercise for a balance of strength and endurance. You will build strength by doing fewer repetitions of more difficult exercises, and endurance by doing higher repetitions of easier exercises.

  3. Stop Exercising

    It is recommended to stop exercising if you become significantly fatigued. Tired muscles cannot maintain good posture or body mechanics to protect you from injury. Never compromise having good body mechanics.

  4. Challenge Yourself

    Keep challenging yourself to do more to improve your strength and endurance. Once you can complete three sets of 12 repetitions of an exercise, try one of the more advanced techniques or increase the resistance you are lifting and drop back to three sets of eight repetitions.

  5. Build Endurance And Strength

    Endurance comes from being able to do 20 to 30 repetitions of an exercise in a row. The repetitions should be enough to produce moderate fatigue. At first, training for endurance is more important and safer than working only on strength.

  6. Use Trunk Muscles

    Use your trunk muscles to support your back and stay within your comfort zone when exercising. Maintain good trunk posture as you complete the exercises.

  7. Breathe Normally

    It is recommended to breathe normally and smoothly as you perform the exercises. Exhale on exertion. Do not strain or hold your breath.

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Article Submitted On: November 06, 2007