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Top 7 Tips To Help Produce An Ebook

By Mark Lloyd

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There is nothing worse than writers block, especially when you know as soon as you start writing you wont be able to stop. Unfortunately we all sometimes need that little spark to getting going and below are some tips on topics and how to come up with them.

  1. Making Money.

    This is a big topic with loads of different sub-topics. If you can show people how to make money (in a legal, moral way, of course) rest assured, they will buy it. We all want to make money (if for no other reason than to be charitable and give it away to someone else).

  2. Dating / Relationships.

    What a fantastic topic for an eBook. There are dozens of ideas you could use for this one that could each become best-sellers...

    How to be more romantic.
    How to make your marriage last forever.
    How to avoid divorce court.

  3. Hobbies and Crafts.

    Hot selling items in any bookstore or online as e-books, are information products about hobbies or crafts. People love making things themselves and getting the self-gratification of a job well done.

  4. Online Shopping.

    What tools are available? Where can you find price comparisons? Are there free trials available? Demos? Where are the best deals? Are there any meeting places for like-minded shoppers? Can I browse?

  5. Brainstorm To Get Other Folks' Ideas.

    Whether you get family members, a group of friends, or other writers
    together, brainstorming is a wonderful way to beat Writer’s Block. When you are stuck, make brainstorming fun.

  6. Use Childhood Memories.

    Here's a great exercise. Sit down with a pad and paper and start writing down childhood experiences. Start with a specific age and think about the school attended at that time, the friends you hung around, the style of the clothes you wore, a favorite pet, anything you can. You will be amazed at how many ideas you can develop that can be useful to you in writing, or that spawn other ideas for your eBook.

  7. Find a Significant Audience To Sell To

    The biggest fear of most writers is that their eBook won't sell. And that's a good fear to have because it forces you to take some time to RESEARCH and find out if your eBook is something to pursue at all.

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Article Submitted On: June 29, 2008