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Top 7 Tips To Grow Your Email Newsletter (Ezine) Subscription Base

By Christopher M. Knight

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Just having an Ezine to help grow your business is not enough, as it must be promoted/marketed in order to grow the list membership to a size that is meaningful enough to justify the time/costs it takes to produce it. In this issue, I'm going to share an overview of the top 7 tips I use to grow this Top7Business Ezine:

  1. Cross Promotion with other Lists. Just contact the list owner of other similar lists, and ask him/her if they want to swap sponsorships and you both win without paying anyone any money.

  2. Submit your list to all of the new-list related lists of lists, so that folks who are looking for new-lists can learn more about your list.

  3. Get a domain and put up a website for your list. Right now about 35% of all subscriptions to the Top7Business list are coming from the Top7Business.com website.

  4. If your time is more valuable elsewhere, pay someone to promote your list.

  5. Do a Press Release. I did one for Top7Business, and it attracted about 200 members for a cost under $200. I'd recommend my friend http://LarryChase.com/ for PR help.

  6. Contribute articles and part of your Ezine to other similar lists along with your subscription instructions at the bottom.

  7. Put your subscription instructions at the top of your Ezine, so that when folks forward your Ezine, their friends will quickly know how to subscribe if they are interested, rather than having to hunt for how to join your list at the bottom of it.

This Piece Was Submitted By Entrepreneur, Author, Business Builder and Email/Web/Internet Strategist, Christopher M. Knight.

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Article Submitted On: June 01, 1998