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Top 7 Tips To Give Super Customer Service

By David Alssema

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As a child I had communication issues. So much so I was put into a home and even slept on the streets for over a year. Then I started wondering why some individuals were successful and other were not. I started studying human development and realized if we followed successful strategies that successful people were using we ourselves could be successful. After many years of study and development I now own several businesses and also provide training and to those who want to learn how to do the same. These seven tips are the some of the best tips I have in getting along with people. This information has not only helped me win many awards but has helped me help many today. I hope you enjoy these 7 Tips.

  1. Building rapport with Customers.

    To build rapport with people its all about relationships and about being able to recognize that the two have similarities. You don't have to be friends to have rapport. However you need to understand or convey a sense of understanding to your customers.

    The best way to build rapport is by mirroring. This means acting as the customer does. It doesn't mean imitating him/her down to the last action. Mirroring is about displaying a similar attitude or resemblance. Getting along with someone may require you to change vocal tones, body language and normal personality actions to suit your clients actions.

  2. Collecting correct information.

    A large part of the customer service cycle is to use questions to find exactly how to help your client. Without collecting information or asking questions how are you to provide a super service? Do you know what they want, need etc?

  3. Follow through.

    You must follow though on your promises. A lot of business look glossy and promise the world but if you can not provide the basics or what you promise customers will see this as failing to meet their expectations. Meet expectations you will give good service. Go above customers expectations you will give super service. Don't promise them too much and under deliver. Under promise and over deliver.

  4. Provide feeling not products or service.

    A lot of buyers or customers buy on motivating factors such as feelings. If you can satisfy a clients feelings or need the product is secondary. When selling products create value in the product. Sometimes the product they thought they wanted due to media advertising isn't exactly what they needed to fill their need. Ask questions and provide more than just a product. Sell feeling. Enthusiasm and emotion can help you get along with clients or sell products too.

  5. Be pro-active.

    Don't just do what you need to do. Go above and beyond. Do more than the rest. You can get away with less however if you do that 10% more in life you will get much more rewards too. Stand out of the norm. Push yourself. Show clients how far you will go to help. Let them know. Be pro-active.

  6. Make it personal.

    Use your name and use theirs. Make sure the client knows your there to help. Provide information on opening times, access, anything that will make it personal for the clients. Make sure they know they are important. Using their name will help show you are interested in them not the sale or service. When you customers leave remind them of your name. They will remember this. Stand out and make the difference.

  7. Change your attitude not the customers.

    Perception, Motivation, attitude all are a big part of you enjoying your job. When you enjoy your job you do it better. You see positive things. Positive things happen to positive people. Never has a positive thing come out of negative thinking....or at least I don't know of any. For example can you think clearly when your angry? cool down be in control of your emotions and positive attitude.

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Article Submitted On: December 10, 2008