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Top 7 Tips To Clear The Clutter And Get Organized

By Stania Rensberger

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The benefits of being organized are endless. You will be more productive, have less stress, have more time for yourself and your mind will become more creative. We often fail to realize to what extent surrounding clutter muddles our minds.

  1. Decide WHY you want to get organized.

  2. Write down what you want to organize first.

  3. Getting organized is a process that requires time and change of habits. Have a written plan before you begin the actual work. Think of it as your blueprint. Identify the present problems and describe in detail the desired result. Estimate how long it will take to achieve the desired result, what you need to do and what supplies you will need. Then apply the CALM formula. This formula can be applied to any type of organizing.

    The following is an example of applying it to organizing your files.

  4. C - Categorize

    Create 4 - 5 major categories. For example, a business owner can use the following categories: Clients, Marketing, Administrative, Financial. Take inventory of your current files and assign each file a category.

  5. A - Assign a permanent place

    Every file should have a permanent place in order to easily find it. Place your active files within your reach and the inactive ones elsewhere.

  6. L - Liquidate

    Liquidate everything that doesn't support your purpose. Ask yourself questions such as: Why do I need this? When will I ever use it again? What would happen if I didn't have this piece of paper?

  7. M - Maintenance

    Maintenance is the key to permanent clutter-free space. Clean your desk before you leave at night. If you have a good filing system, it shouldn't take more than three minutes. In addition to daily maintenance, I recommend monthly maintenance. Weed out your files. Discard the obsolete information or store it in your archives. If you do this consistently, your files will remain orderly and will reinforce your mind as to the information they contain.

Submitted by Stania Rensberger, owner of Stania's Organizing Systems.

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Article Submitted On: May 24, 2000