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Top 7 Tips To Bring More Humor Into Your Life

By Raymond Lee

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Why don’t we laugh more often? Mainly because we have learned not to. Parents and teachers spend a good deal of time telling children, “ Wipe that smile off your face”; “Get serious”; “Settle down”; and “Stop acting silly.” In addition, laughter requires both spontaneity and surrender of control. As people become adults, they place a good deal of value on self-control and often feel ambivalent about spontaneity. But a mature adult should also understand the need for levity now and then. When Steven Spielberg was filming the holocaust movie Schindler’s list, he became so saddened by his subject that a few times a week while on location in Poland, he called comedian Robin Williams and asked him to run through some stand-up routines. If you have a particularly funny friend, you might do the same, but if not, tickle your funny bone with the help of these tips and suggestions.

  1. Encourage Laughter

    Encourage others to laugh. Mirth is contagious.

  2. Look Out For Absurdities

    Keep an eye out for the absurdities of everyday of your life. Amusing quips and situations happen all the time. If you look for them, you will find them.

  3. Give Gifts

    Instead of flowers or food, give sick friends humorous gifts. Try a joke book, a comedy video or a few gag items.

  4. Know Your Audience

    Humor is individual. Psychology Today magazine once published 30 jokes and asked readers if they found them funny. More than 140,000 readers from all over the map replied. Every joke was rated “very funny” by some readers and “not all funny” by others. In the words of comedian Henny Youngman, “ Humor is a form of communication understood by some and misunderstood by most.”

  5. Develop A Humor First-Aid Kit

    Keep a funny book or tape close at hand and dip into it several times a day. Wear humorous buttons and post cartoons, amusing bumper stickers and other witty items where you live, work and play.

  6. Laugh At Yourself

    Those without a sense of humor, once quipped, can be very funny. Of course, they do not mean to be, and when people begin laughing, those who are unintentionally funny may become embarrassed, self-conscious or insulted. If this happens to you, try to step outside yourself and see your gaffe the way your audience sees it. Laugh at yourself and people laugh with you, not at you.

  7. Keep It Tasteful

    Do not poke fun at anyone’s race, ethnic group, gender, weight, occupation or anything else that might be offensive. Also avoid sarcasm and ridicule. If there has to be a butt of the joke, target yourself or some inanimate object.

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Article Submitted On: February 01, 2008