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Top 7 Tips On Interview Attire For Women

By Pat Stonehouse

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Women sometimes neglect their image when going for an interview, as they do not realize the importance of a professional image and its relevance in impressing the interviewer. While there is no doubt that your qualifications, skills and education are the primary assets that help in getting the job, the first impression you make is also going to be an important deciding factor in whether or not you get the job. Consider the following tips when dressing for your next interview.

  1. Dress business professional

    Dress business professional, regardless of the position you are applying for. Even if the company has a business casual dress code it is a given that you are expected to dress for an interview. It is always better for a candidate to be overdressed than under dressed for an interview. Once you land the job you can dress according to the company dress policy.

  2. Conservative rules

    Conservative is the key word in dressing for the interview. From head to toe everything you wear should be conservative and professional. An interview is not the time to be a fashionista and wear the latest fashion trend.

  3. Always a suit

    Suits are the safest and best choice for an interview. Select a skirt suit, pant suit, jacket with a coordinating skirt or pants, or a dress with matching jacket.

  4. It has to fit

    Check the fit and if needed have alterations done. Make sure the sleeves end at the wrist. Try on pants with the shoes you will be wearing and check to see that they are neither too short nor too long. No matter how wonderful your outfit is, if it doesn’t fit it won’t look wonderful.

  5. Sexy isn’t professional

    Sexy isn’t professional. Avoid high slits, short skirts and showing cleavage.

  6. Stockings must be worn

    A woman not wearing hosiery to an interview is like a man not wearing socks. Hosiery should be in a skin tone or neutral color.

  7. The little things count

    Take a close look at your shoes. Are they in good shape or do they need the heels replaced and a good polish. Avoid excessive jewelry, long dangly earrings and anything that jingles and jangles. Carry a small to medium sized purse or an attaché.

Pat Stonehouse is the President of Advancing With Style, the premier business etiquette and image consultancy in North America. Visit her website at http://www.advancingwithstyle.com.

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Article Submitted On: January 18, 2011