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Top 7 Tips For Overcoming "Buffaloes" in the Workplace

By Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

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There is no such a thing as lifetime career. In the last several years workers have seen their jobs threatened or made obsolete by technological advancement, deregulation of international trade, merging of corporate organizations and business sellouts. The average worker cannot accurately anticipate these changes before they occur. Such unexpected changes could be compared to the appearance of water buffaloes in an African village, where I grew up. They invaded villages without warning, devastating social structures, uprooting the harmonious livelihood of villagers and left them feeling insecure and stressed out.

Organizations, private or public, won't revert to the old womb-to -tomb job security. Job availability and longevity will continue to be dictated by factors beyond the workers control. In today's job market, you will soon compete for the same job opening in your home town with folks who live in foreign soils.

Here are Top 7 tips to help you overcome these beasts "buffaloes in the workplace," feel secure, less stressed out and thrive.

  1. Understand that the resume that got you your job won't keep you employed.

  2. Become multi-functional. What skills, knowledge and abilities are you planning to have in the next six months, one, two and five years from now that will keep you abreast with your area of specialization? Keep these things in focus. Dig your water well long before you are thirsty.

  3. Assume nothing. Your job, employer and work location can change. Be prepared anytime.

  4. Flexibility must become a necessary survival tool. Fortune cookie wisdom says, "blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape."

  5. Use network and teamwork skills. It took a community to spear a buffalo. Master the fabrics for networking and team- building skills.

  6. Stay in school. Like plants, when you remain green you grow. If you mature (stop learning), the next step is getting rotten.

  7. Bear in mind, job alone cannot provide long-term security. There must be a balancing and blending of ones relationships (with God, family, and community), recreation, personal and professional growth.

Today's Top7Business Article Was Submitted By Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, a native of Kenya, Author, Columnist, University Professor, Motivational Speaker/Storyteller and Seminar Leader. Founder and Principal Consultant of Kituku & Associates, Boise, ID. 83707, (208) 939-7216 e-mail

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Article Submitted On: September 21, 1999