Top 7 Tips For Naming Your App

By Olga Anoshyna

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You have developed an ingenious app which you think can blow the app store. But how to make people find it and download it? First of all, your “child” should get a great, sparkling name! Such a discipline as App Store Optimisation can come to the rescue in your app promotion. In this article, we’ll concentrate on tips in choosing the right name.

  1. Your app name should sound like a brand. No common words, abstract collocations or your personal name! Something like “YourNewDress” is a dead idea.

  2. Avoid tongue twisted names! The theory of processing fluency, which is used in marketing studying, has proved that people tend to share and love more the names and titles which are easier to pronounce.

  3. Be short. The restrictions are 50 symbols and 30 symbols for Apple App Store and Google store consequently. But the stats shows that top popular apps have names no longer than 26 characters and consist of 1 or 2 words. Shorter app names are easier to remember and will look good on the app icon at the users’ screens. If you think about dresses, make up something like “OH!Dress”.

  4. Try your best to be unique. Play with words and syllables to create an exclusive name or a word. Such tools as WerdMerge, Wordoid, SpellBackwards will assist you to exercise in morphology and makeup something eye-catchy.

  5. Be careful using keywords in the app name. If the keyword goes perfectly for the app title, you can freely use it. But it definitely should be placed in the official application name. For example, the display name of your app is “OH!Dress” and the official title is “OH!Dress - online shop, women’s clothes, men’s clothes, accessories, lingerie, shoes”.

  6. Avoid ambiguity. The app’s name should give a precise understanding of what it can help your customers with. Names like “TripAdvisor” or “iHeartRadio” give you 100% insurance that users will understand what is the app about.

  7. Forget about plagiarism. First of all, you will break the law. Secondly, a good reputation also costs a lot. To be sure that you will not use someone’s trademark unwittingly, go to special resources to do the research.

Olga Anoshyna is a copywriter at Cleveroad, an experienced mobile and web development company.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Olga_Anoshyna

Article Submitted On: May 03, 2017