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Top 7 Tips For Ezine Publishers

By Harvey Segal

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  1. Don't try to handle list management yourself. Use a professional service (some are free) to process subscribes, unsubscribes, bounced mail, address changes, etc.

  2. Good style and layout are crucial. Regardless of the content your readers won't bother to struggle with huge blocks of text spanning the width of the screen, with no paragraphs, no breaks, no indenting.

  3. Provide an archive of previous issues with an index of the contents.

  4. Exchange ads for your ezine with other publishers and suggest that you review each other's ads to see how they can be improved.

  5. Make it very simple to subscribe both at your website and by E-mail.

  6. Provide a welcome message for new joiners, repeating the key mission of your ezine and offering a free gift.

  7. Stop those unsubscribes: at the end of each issue provide a tantalizing glimpse of what to expect in the next issue.

Harvey Segal ()
There's more great tips and ideas in Harvey's FREE BOOK "The SuperTips Book of Internet Marketing" and FREE weekly newsletter "SuperTips Ezine" at http://www.supertips.com?top7.

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Article Submitted On: May 17, 1999