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Top 7 Tips For Determined Job Hunters And Career Changers

By Lucila McElroy

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  1. Know what your transferable skills are

    These are skills that you will always have and can take with you from one job to the next.

  2. Know where you would like to work most

    Yes, what city or place are important, but also what kind of organization: large or small? What does the organization produce?

  3. Have a plan

    Know what actions you must take to find the kind of job you most want to do.

  4. Network

    Tell everyone you meet the kind of work you are looking for and ask for job leads. This means you will now have other people looking on your behalf.

  5. Learn how to make a cold call to companies in the industry orindustries you most want to work in

    Always talk to the person that has the power to hire you. Introduce yourself, in one sentence tell the employer something you can do for them, and ALWAYS ask for an interview or a meeting. If they don't want to see you, ask for a lead.

  6. Use the classifieds only to give you ideas for what is out there.

    Only 10 percent of jobs are advertised.

  7. Believe that there are always jobs out there and forget about "vacancies."

    Remember that 90 percent of jobs are not advertised!


    • Learn and use the most effective job searching methods.

      For example, network with people you know or cold call companies in the industry you most want to work in and ask for interviews. Whether you can find a job or not depends on what methods of job hunting you are using -- not luck!

    • Learn to do an informational interview with people who are working in the type of job you would like to have.

      If you know how they got there, it will be a lot easier for you to get there.

    • Be prepared for the job hunt to last longer than you think it will.

      Hire a coach that specializes in career transition to maximize your chances of getting the job you really want and support you in the process

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