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Top 7 Tips For Choosing the Right Forex Broker

By J.Star

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Have you been wanting to trade Forex but are unsure which of all the Brokers is right for you? Many novice and expert traders alike find choosing the RIGHT Forex broker to be a daunting task that can ultimately determine success or failure. Here are 7 tips that will help you avoid making the costly mistake of choosing the wrong broker.

  1. Consider your account size when choosing your broker.

    If you expect to be trading more than $50,000 you will need a broker with sufficient liquidity to quickly and efficiently get you in and out of the market. These larger accounts are significantly affected by the size of a Broker's liquidity pool. Also, the larger your account the more important "broker financial stability" will be. Choose a broker that has a combination of liquidity and financial stability.

  2. Choose your broker based on the Forex Trading system you trade.

    If you scalp the market you will need a broker who does not restrict scalping or place minimum time limits on positions. If you plan on trading a carry trade system you will need to research the brokers swap(rollover) rate and find the most competitive broker. If your system usually trades in peak hour times you may want a Broker that offers variable rate spreads while if your system tends to trade off market times a fixed spread Broker may be the best option. Understanding your trading strategy and how the Broker will affect it's performance is key.

  3. Take into consideration the currency pair(s) you expect to trade.

    Depending on a Broker's liquidity source(s) the broker may have better or worse spreads on different pairs. For instance, MB Trading usually beats Dukascopy's British Pound pair spreads while Dukascopy tends to have better Swiss Franc pair spreads. Also, Brokers have access to different currency pairs. If you expect to be trading exotic currencies you will need to find a Broker that offers those pairs.

  4. Make the decision between ECN/STP broker and a market maker.

    I won't spend time explaining the differences between the two as an entire article could be written on the subject.... but both broker types have their advantages and disadvantages. You will want to research the differences, understand how those differences may affect your system, and decide accordingly.

  5. Fixed spread or Variable spread?

    Some Brokers offer a set spread cost that normally only changes during news announcements. Other Brokers offer changing spreads depending on the demand for that currency at any given price. This choice can be extremely important depending on the strategy you trade and the position sizes you take. If you mainly stick to high-volume market times for your trading than you will probably want a variable spread which often translates into lower overall spread costs. If you get signals around the clock, many times during off peak hours a fixed spread Broker may be better because fixed spreads tend to be cheaper than variable spreads during off market times. It is important to open multiple demo accounts at a variety of fixed and variable spread brokers to compare the difference.

  6. Study the differences between Forex platforms before making the decision.

    Metatrader 4 is currently the most common trading platform available on retail Forex. It is wise to open demo accounts using several different platforms to get a feel for each platform and choose the one that suites your strategy best. Some platforms such as Metatrader offer an auto trading feature (Expert Advisor) where the computer executes the trades for you. If you plan on using such a feature either now or in the future, it is important to know the options and limitations of the platform you choose.

  7. The location of your Broker has important tax and legal consequences.

    Also, Brokers are regulated differently depending on the jurisdiction in which they are found. Make sure to consult your tax, legal, and financial advisors prior to making the decision.

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Article Submitted On: November 11, 2008