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Top 7 Tips For Avoiding "Social Peanuts"

By Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

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With a coconut shell, roasted peanuts and a string, natives of some African societies have trapped monkeys for centuries by using a simple strategy. On one end of a coconut shell, they open a hole that is big enough to allow a monkey's stretched hand to get inside. However, the hole is too small for a monkey's fist. On the other end of the coconut, a long string is attached. When peanuts are put inside, the shell is placed along a monkey's trail, and the trapper holds on to the string and hides behind bushes.

A monkey smells the peanuts and is attracted to the coconut shell. He then stretches his hand, puts it through the hole, grasps the peanuts and makes a fist. While in a fist, it is impossible for the monkey to get his hand back out through the hole. Not willing to let go of the peanuts, the monkey is then pulled to his death by the trapper.

This African strategy for capturing monkeys can teach many lessons about life. Of course, people are attracted by different "peanuts" that can be detrimental to their spiritual, professional, emotional or physical pursuits.

Here are the Top 7 Tips For Avoiding "Social Peanuts."

  1. Avoid being everything to everyone.

  2. Avoid procrastinating important projects until a "better" time.

  3. Let go of past failure experiences. The past is a point of reference but not a residency.

  4. Avoid the possibility of not nurturing the glue of life-relationships.

  5. Body, soul and mind work in harmony. When one is trapped by "social peanuts," chances are that all three malfunction.

  6. Mom's wisdom, "Friends are like clothing. Not all sizes fit." Be with folks you can either learn from or teach.

  7. It is never too late to free oneself from social trap that interfere with their spiritual, professional, emotional or physical growth.

Today's Top7Business was submitted by Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, Ph.D. a native of Kenya, Author, Columnist, University Professor, Motivational Speaker/Storyteller and Seminar Leader. Founder and Principal Consultant of Kituku & Associates, Boise, ID 83707 (208) 939-7216 e-mail www.Kituku.com

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Article Submitted On: January 05, 2000