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Top 7 Tips For A Home Page Makeover

By Judy Wogoman

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  1. Title: Picture your title in a list of bookmarks. Does it clearly state what your site is about?

  2. Description: Many search engines use the first 25 words on the page as the site description. Do the first 25 words on your page create the image you want?

  3. Do you have a bulleted list of "benefits" for your site?

  4. Count how many customer "benefits" are on your home page. Now, count how many statements about "YOU" are on your home page. Compare. Move the autobiography and qualifications to an "About" page and focus on the benefits of the customer.

  5. How many "exits" does the customer have? Too many choices (more than 5 or 6) are confusing.

  6. Do you have a way to obtain contact information from your visitor? (ezine subscription form, free report by autoresponder, contest drawing)

  7. Do your content, title, benefits, and products all fall within the same theme?

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