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Top 7 Thoughts To Humble and Inspire You

By Dan Knapp

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  1. In spite of the technology boom, you still don't really know who you are, why you are here or where you are going. Pursuing this unsolvable puzzle gives meaning and continuity to your life.

  2. You will never accomplish all of your goals for two reasons. First, you never get to be as good as you want to be at anything. Second, you keep raising the bar as you get better. Accepting this reality gives you growth without your becoming neurotic.

  3. You will always be a hypocrite in your performance compared to your stated standards. As with goals, you want some standards out of your reach to make you grow and strive for improvement. Does your current level of performance inspire the world? Some people adjust their standards to match their performance. That's easy but they are stuck at a lower level than they could reach.

  4. Most regular people will not "waste their time" in an attempt to improve their lives. True, they talk about improvement but they take little, if any, action. They get to really enjoy pleasurable activities such as TV, booze and drugs. A little positive action on your part makes you stand out from the crowd.

  5. The world did change on January 1, 2000. For the first time ever, you had to change the first 2 digits when you write the year. This change caused a shift, however symbolic in the way you think. This shift is not a trifle! You can never go back. This shift opens your mind to other possible changes. Decide which ones you want to pursue. This is the best time to make life-altering decisions.

  6. Most of the world did not change on January 1, 2000. For most of the world, the year is not 2000. Depending on your culture, it may be any one of several possible years. We do not all share the same culture. Deal with it! Opportunities arise from the differences.

  7. We look externally for people who can inspire us to new heights. Every one of these inspiring people have the same human limitations as you. They fall short of their goals and do not live up to their standards; they experience real pain when they evaluate their performance. This is not cynicism - it is a recognition and celebration of humanity. You are as good as anyone else.

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