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Top 7 Things to Remember While Renovating Manufacturing Facilities

By Chris Miller

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Renovation of manufacturing facilities is a huge task. It is a project that needs to be managed by an expert from start to end for better results. If you have decided to go for this vital project then here are the top 7 things to remember while renovating manufacturing facilities. Not only will they ensure that your space becomes more efficient, it will also become more attractive for the workers who spend most of their days there. Remember, a happy worker is a productive worker so you cannot ignore the needs of the workers.

  1. Make it Spacious: The first step is to ensure that there is enough space between the production or the assembly lines. The workers should not bump into one another while doing their job as it may irritate them and their productivity might decline. Every person has his or her own little space that must not be intruded by other workers.

  2. Use Great Colors: Using great colors like bright or cheery ones or soft or soothing ones is a nice way to boost the morale of the workers. It will attract them to the manufacturing facilities and they will take fewer leaves. Use of appropriate colors would also leave a positive impression on the minds of the workers and they will be happy with the surroundings as well as the work they are doing.

  3. Opt for Greener Options: While doing any installations be it HVAC, lighting, electrical, or any other you should opt for energy efficient installations as they will save you tons of money later on. It is a fact that in most manufacturing facilities, the operations run 24 by 7 so using energy efficient systems would lead to long-term savings and payback of hefty installation costs would be quicker as well.

  4. Choose Sturdy Flooring: When managing manufacturing facilities, what every manager fears are the probability of accidents or incidents that may harm the health and well-being of the workers. If you also fear the same then you must ensure that there is equal and sturdy flooring on the facility floors so that the incidents or tripping or slipping could be reduced. You should also select dark colored flooring to ensure that it doesnít get visibly dirty after loads of workers move around on it daily.

  5. Enhance Air Flow: Lack of air in manufacturing facilities is a serious threat to the health and well-being of the workers because if they canít breathe right, it may lead to respiratory issues. So, when refurbishing a space, you must remember to enhance the air flow by adding extra doors, windows, shafts, etc. There should be enough ventilation during all the seasons to keep the employees comfortable.

  6. Select Better Lighting: Lighting is as important as air. When you are renovating a space, be it industrial, commercial or residential, there should always be some scope for adding proper lighting. In the case of manufacturing facilities, it will allow every worker to see what he or she is doing clearly which will reduce the chances of mistakes or accidents. It will also ensure that the workers enjoy the work a bit more.

  7. Add Community Spaces: Finally, adding community spaces like a sitting area or an entertainment area is highly recommended. It will allow the employees to connect with each other during breaks and de-stress in a better manner. If they enjoy their breaks they will work harder after the break time is over and hence the productivity will increase.

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Article Submitted On: February 21, 2017