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Top 7 Things to Plan When Sending Your Employee on a Business Trip

By Alice Yvonne Marshall

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When going on a business trip, admittedly your employee is being paid to be there. It also goes without saying you could be sending them somewhere they wouldn’t have otherwise ever dreamed of going. That said, there are a few customary tasks you should carry out to ensure their trip is comfortable and smooth sailing. After all a happy employee makes for one who’s going to have an enthusiastic work ethic who will come back with the best results.

  1. Write Up an Itinerary
    From where they’re staying to information on their flights, luggage allowance and times of meetings, it’s helpful to have it all neatly written out for your employee. Even if it’s a fleeting visit, having all the information in one handy place will ensure they’re not stressed getting from A to B and can work more efficiently with a clear head. Ensure you include things like contact details of the place they’re staying, as well as any clients they might be meeting with. Any tips on travel and where to eat are great touches to provide an enjoyable work trip.

  2. Provide a Packing List
    It may seem silly if the dress code is strictly the same as in the office and they need only pack suits and other formalwear. However, depending on the extent of the business trip and what they’ll be doing, there may need to be more flexibility in their wardrobe. Are they having a friendly game of golf to secure an investment? The only hole in one they’re getting is in their work slacks. Noting down the dress codes and the kind of venues they’ll be intending is as much your company’s prerogative as it is the employee, as they’ll be representing your brand.

  3. Organise Airport Parking
    There are a number of airport parking options, so it’s worth checking out resources like Parking at Airports. Not only do they provide low prices on airports worldwide, but also give information on each type of package available. Whether you provide them with Short Stay parking for that up to 3-day space, or really treat them and book in a chauffeur service, ensuring they get comfortably to the airport on time is a great way to boost your employee. Although you’ll be paying them for their time, the convenience of organising as much of their trip as possible means they’re less likely to be begrudging that they’re working over a weekend or missing out on valuable family time in the evenings.

  4. Book into a Lounge
    Airport lounges are an ideal haven for people on business trips. Short of awkwardly balancing their laptop on their knees, sat on a cold metal chair, an airport lounge is far more likely to give them a desire to actually work whilst waiting for their flight and offers the best facilities to do so. In less you go for a higher tier lounge, airport lounges can be inexpensive, costing on average £25 per person, with the average spend within airports far exceeding that. Airport lounges provide WiFi less temperamental than that shared in the rest of the airport, sockets so they can keep their laptop charged and food and drink to keep energy levels up.

  5. Consider the Perks of Business Class
    This one isn’t an essential, but if you’ve got the money to spare booking them into business class is a sure-fire way to make them feel pampered and cared for. Business Class flights generally offer roomier seating and a higher level of customer service. They can comfortably sit back and get on with some work or lie back and get some shut eye ready for a day of hard work.

  6. Book a Transfer
    Much like with the airport parking, it’s important to ensure you’ve got all travel covered so they can easily be where they need to be without waiting around or struggling to organise their own taxi. Have a car ready and waiting for them when they land. Especially on flights getting in late, they’ll thank you for an easy transaction from the airport to their hotel bed.

  7. Offer Work Devices
    It would be rude to assume your employee is okay with using their own devices for work. Especially if the WiFi is a bit in and out they shouldn’t be expected to use their own data to go through work emails. For many, this won’t be a concern, but it’s always fair to give them the option to take work devices away with them. You should also consider providing a broadband dongle in case the hotel WiFi is weak and slow. This means they can work on the go with less limitations and won’t work up a big contract bill of their own or for the business.

Alice is a blogger Parking at Airports. Between reading, blogging, sipping on prosecco and cuddling her cat, she has dreams of the big city lights and travelling the world.

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Article Submitted On: May 01, 2018