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Top 7 Things to "Make the Magic Happen" in your Organization

By Jeff Campbell

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People Make the Difference

Organizations are not successful; it is the people who work in organizations that are successful. It is they who drive the organization forward, slow it down or even put it into reverse.

Dig deeply into organizational problems and you are likely to get to people. Conflict, stress, misunderstanding, poor communication, demotivation, resistance, low morale, and poor productivity all have their origins in people and relationship issues.

The value of an organization can be measured by the expertise of its staff and their ability to work together. The bottom line will reflect the skills of staff and the quality of their interpersonal relationships.

  1. Always, always, always make the other person your starting point. If you want to get along with people it's important to know about them, what do they like, what do they need, because the most important person in the world to them is themselves..!!! That's got to be your first reference point if you are interested in building any kind of relationship with that person. That is the foundation from which everything else in the relationship, be it a personal or business relationship, should be built from. Do this regularly and you will be on your way to becoming a relationship expert.

  2. Treat others as THEY would like to be treated, not necessarily as you would like to be treated. The common phrase that a lot of us have heard in our youth is "Treat people as you would like to be treated". Well I hate to argue with my mother but that phrase is not altogether correct. Let's take eating for example. If I didn't know you and I took you to a restaurant and because I loved to eat squid I ordered it for you as well, then you might get upset if you didn't like to eat squid. Then I might get upset that you didn't eat what I ordered for you, and how silly would that be..??. Just as it would be silly for me to assume that you liked to eat what I liked to eat, it is also a mistake to assume that your needs in a relationship are the same as mine. If you want to get the best out of your employees, colleagues or personal relationships treat people as they would like to be treated…(sorry mum..!!)

  3. Recognize how people are "wired" and adjust your style accordingly. The words that others use, the pace of their voice, the eye movements, the body language, the pace and depth of their breathing all tell something about that person. In my course, “How to Build Instant Rapport with Anyone” I teach about how these and other things that people say/do can give you a tremendously valuable insight into what makes them tick. Using this information and calibrating your words/actions to match the other person’s will automatically start to build a very strong unconscious rapport with that person. In short, the person will start to like you, and may not even know why..!!! And here is the reason why they will feel that they like you, and it’s pretty simple – “People like others who are like themselves”. By practicing rapport techniques you become, in an unconscious way, like a mirror image to the other person. If that person sees a reflection of themselves in you then they cannot help but bond with you. This is a fantastically strong tool to have in your armory. Imagine the benefits this would give you if used in a sales, customer service or call centre environment.

  4. Commit to become a people watcher. Some people already do this automatically and others have to work at it a bit. One thing is for sure, that you will reap fantastic benefits if you spend some time actually watching and listening to others. Believe me, there is so much to learn. People are drastically different so you need to know how they operate their “software”. Imagine trying to operate your computer when you don’t know what software is installed..!! It would be virtually impossible. Commit to watching others so that you can decipher how they operate.

  5. Make the magic happen - spread happiness around you.
    Make the magic happen, for yourself, and for the people around you, and your customers – if you want to grow your business. Now, what do I mean by ‘Make the magic happen.’?
    Well, essentially what I mean is - make people around you feel special. Celebrate what you have, your gifts, what you are capable of offering. Not just to your company, but to your family, to society. Because when you think you’re special, you act special. And when you act special then the world benefits from what you have to offer. In short, making the magic happen – that makes good business sense.

  6. You listen people into existence-when you listen to them they feel of value and of worth. Don't just listen to them for the sake of listening itself but rather try to think of ways that what the person is saying actually makes sense. That way the other person knows that you are thinking seriously about what they are saying and they will feel empowered but when you ignore them they will get upset and annoyed at you.

  7. Remember - It's OK to be different, to be yourself, but don't expect others to always be the same as you.
    Well first of all, we’ve got to understand that we are very, very different. The difference is not minor between us. The difference between us is quite dramatic. It’s so dramatic that it’s as if we are from different planets.

    Now I’m also trying to suggest if you’re looking for quality relationships in your life it’s really important to learn this – you’re different, but you’re OK.

    What I’m saying is that you’re different, and it’s OK for you because you will have a different set of needs, through that window on the world that you have.

    I’m also trying to suggest that the ‘should’s’ – the value judgments, ‘You should care more about people.’ ‘You should take more pride in your work.’ ‘You should…’

    You know that finger-pointing, prescriptive ‘should’?

    That’s the killer of relationships.

    And if you’re looking for more openness, more trust, more collaboration – and that’s in any relationship anywhere in your life, at home or at work – then getting rid of the value judgments is absolutely critical. You don’t get openness in a relationship when you’re still running those ‘should’s’ Get rid of them today.

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Jeff Campbell served as a police officer in what was once one of the worlds most dangerous places: Northern Ireland. Mr. Campbell immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 2001 and joined the Vancouver Police Department a year later; focusing his beat on the tough Downtown Eastside.
With many years of up-close-and-personal social-studies in his career as a police officer Jeff began contemplating the reasons behind an individuals success or failure in life wondering why some people seemed to make it while others floundered. These questions led him to become an avid scholar of the science of success; trying to discern a design behind achievement.

During those studies, Jeff encountered the Winning Relationships in the Workplace program and it became his vision to introduce this and several other personally-developed training workshops to North America.
That vision translated into the creation of High Performance Employees Helping You to Grow Your People...

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Article Submitted On: February 15, 2006