Top 7 Things to Forget for Your Vacation

By Bill Lampton, Ph.D.

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Ordinarily we make a list of things to remember for our vacation: shut off the computer, leave a voice mail message, set the thermostat, stop the mail, take our airline tickets and similar to-do's. However, if we really want our vacation to improve our motivation, so that we return relaxed and invigorated, we should make a second list--things to forget for our vacation. Yes, that's what I said. . .a list of things to forget. Here are seven of them, all beginning with the leter C, that will make your vacation rejuvenating and even therapeutic.

  1. Forget calories. Go ahead and eat those desserts you would avoid the rest of the year. Enjoy them without guilt, as a reward for your year-round discipline. Recently, I read that the word dessert is stressed spelled backward. So do your dieting ahead of time, then enjoy delicacies that you shun ordinarily.

  2. Forget company. Those who spend time worrying about clients, prospects and computers aren't really taking a vacation. When you pull out of your driveway, leave your major business concerns behind. Be venturesome enough to wean yourself from e-mail and telephone contacts. You will be surprised how well your company operates in your absence. You will be amazed at how much more serene you feel.

  3. Forget cash worries. Assuming you have chosen a location that's not unreasonable for your level of income and savings, spend with joy. Sign up for the dinner boat cruise and the scuba lessons. Buy souvenirs and snap plenty of photos. Look on those expenditures as investments in your emotional health.

  4. Forget climate. Suppose you go to a grand beach resort, and it rains all day the first day. Don't let those raindrops dampen your spirits. Enjoy your hotel, meet new people at lunch, participate in activities that don't require sunshine.

  5. Forget the calendar. Stay gone long enough to ask, "What is today anyway--Monday or Tuesday?" A three night vacation means you are packing during two of those nights, so to feel like you are really settled down, arrange a longer stay.

  6. Forget the clock. Sleep an hour or two extra every day. Go dancing at a spot that doesn't open until 10:00 p.m. Watch the late night comics you can't stay awake for during your work week.

  7. Forget conformity. Be daring--go skydiving or parasailing, or find a spot that offers karaoke (definitely daring for those of us who don't consider ourselves singers).

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Article Submitted On: May 13, 2005