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Top 7 Things to Do Before Starting an Industrial Plant Modifications Project

By Chris Miller

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Initiating an industrial plant modifications project is a big decision for any organization. It requires a lot of investment, involves halting of production operations and is a project that needs to be perfectly executed at once because organizations often donít have the time, money or the patience to redo it. If you are thinking of starting such a project to increase your production capability or to do some major repairs like restructuring the plumbing, electricity or HVAC systems, you should learn about the top 7 things to do before starting an industrial plant modifications project.

  1. Talk it through: The first step before starting any project, be it a tenant improvement project or an industrial plant modifications project should be to talk it through. You as a manager or the owner of the plant know about the types of modifications needed better than anyone else. So, you should lay out your expectations and set success parameters for the construction company you hire. It will avoid unnecessary clashes of opinions later on.

  2. Move Small Stuff: Another step should be to move smaller machinery thatís portable to another location so that the dust and debris donít affect it. You can try and secure the machines at a warehouse of the company or you can seek the help of a storage company that can keep your machines safe for the duration of the project. Remember to call in the experts to dismantle any machines rather than hiring novices as it may cost you a lot while reassembling them again.

  3. Cover Big Machines: Some heavy machinery is always there that cannot be moved. A wise decision should be to cover it up completely. Again, you can call in experts who know how to do it right or even ask the commercial construction company you have hired to do it. Even a bit of dust or debris can harm the operational efficiency of big machines. So, you will be smart to keep those away from your expensive machines.

  4. Beef up the Security: When a lot of new people are expected to enter into your industrial plant regularly, you will be smart to lock any offices that are on site and beef up the security. It would save you from petty problems like thefts. Hiring security guards to keep an eye on the workers will also ensure that they keep on being productive rather than wasting time on unnecessary things.

  5. Set Timelines: Time is literally money when you have opted for industrial plant modifications. Hence, you will be smart to set strict deadlines for every task, be it HVAC installation, construction of a new room or electrical setup. You can also agree to levy fines if the deadlines are not met. Remember, the longer it takes to do any industrial plant modifications, the higher it will cost you as not only you are paying a building contractor, you have also halted production of goods that help you earn revenues.

  6. Consider Double Shifts: If you are into manufacturing goods that are well in demand then you can keep the downtime minimal during any industrial plant modifications project by asking the contractor to hire people who agree to do double shifts. It will complete the work in half the time and save you a lot of expense along with keeping the downtime minimal. Though sometimes, the cost of double shifts may seem like an extra expense but it is worth it if you get to resume the production in a few days rather than a few weeks.

  7. Keep Some Lag Time: Almost every project, no matter how accurately it is planned needs some midway alterations or modifications. Therefore, it is smart to keep some lag time between the dates of when you expect it to get completed and when you resume production. This lag time can be used for inspections and for ensuring that the modifications are as per your expectations. If you donít keep a lag time and call in your workers to resume work and the project is not completed, you may have to pay the workers. Stay away from this added expense and keep some lag time.

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Article Submitted On: January 25, 2017