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Top 7 Things You Need to Know About Business and Social Networking

By Vincent Wright

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A N.E.T.W.O.R.K. of Words to Help You NETWORK

  1. N – Network – No network, no gain. Positively said: The better your network, the greater your gain. Networking is networking – online or off, entrepreneur or warehouse worker, doctor, lawyer, student, teacher, child, or grandparent – to advance from where you are to where you want to go, you need help and the best help you can get on earth is the hands of others. To get their hands, you need to network with them.

  2. E – Energy – To network with people, you need to put some energy into your networking. Put twice as much energy into your networking as you want to get out of it. Energy makes you shine. If you don’t let your light shine, no one will notice you. If no one notices you, you can’t network. If you can’t network, you can’t get their hands. Show people that you and your light are present and available to help them GET MORE!

  3. T – Thoughtfulness – THINK of others! There is no getting around the great importance of thinking of others. What good is a networker who doesn’t think of others? What do they need? When do they need it? Where do they need help? How much help do they need? What else do they need? If you can’t give them what they need at the time that they need it, what else can you give them instead? A referral? A lead? Guidance?

  4. W – Work – Ok. So, you’ve done all the right things in growing your network. You’ve thought about people you know and the people they know, you’re considered that people in networks want to connect with you, they want your energy, and you started assembling your network. But, there’s still the most importance thing to excel at: WORK. Your WORK must be EXCELLENT! (Not perfect. Just EXCELLENT! You’re networking because you can’t be perfect and because you want to be excellent in some area of your life.)

  5. O – Organize – Organize your work, your network, and your networking. How can a network of people be sustained without it and you being organized? It can’t! Not for long, anyway. Organization is the key to reducing the stress of life. If you’re not organized, network with someone who can help you in this area, too.

  6. R – Recruit – Very few people know what the word “recruit” actually means. But what it means is of TREMENDOUS value to you: “To nourish the core”. If you’re weak, stressed, empty, broke, un-centered,inexperienced, or aging, YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO RECRUIT PEOPLE TO HELP YOU!

  7. K – Knowledge – Keep adding value to your knowledge by keeping your knowledge current, up to date. Who wants information that’s stale, disorganized, incomplete, ill-informed, or poorly formed. Read stuff. Learn stuff. Shape stuff. Share stuff with LOTS of other people in your NETWORK.

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