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Top 7 Things To Include In Your "Sig File"

By Ted Holmes

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What should you put in your Sig file?

There are a few basic "musts" if you plan on using your Sig file for advertising. If you want them to work like a magnet, make sure you include:

  1. Your name

  2. Your email address (Important! add the "mailto:" prefix)

  3. The name of your company

  4. Your web address (URL) Important! Add the "http://" prefix

  5. A precise description of your products or services

  6. State the benefit or your product or service

  7. An auto response address

    Autoresponders: Automated Email responses to a request. The Internet equivalent to Fax-back without long-distance charges. (All of these tutorials are available by autoresponder.)

    Other creative possibilities:

    • A 1-800 number: A wonderful idea, but know up front that a lot of 800 numbers are not accessible from some other countries. Still, one could be used effectively.

    • A free offer: If you can offer something free, do so. People like free things, and they are powerful "pullers".

    How about something a little fancy?

    __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/

    You can use something like this to provide
    A fancy border. Just remember, fancy borders
    Can cut down on the amount of space you have
    Left to convey your message.

    __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/

Here's mine:

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Warm regards, Ted Holmes

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Article Submitted On: March 07, 1999