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Top 7 Things That Will Make your Book Sell Fast

By Judy Cullins

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All authors want their book to sell well. When you pay attention to these seven points, your book sales will impress you.

  1. Knowing specifically who your best audience is..

    The biggest mistake authors make is not knowing this "Essential Hot-Selling Point." When you know your audience and write your book just for them, you will attract them for exponential sales--both offline and online.

  2. Knowing this group who really wants your book is large enough to market to.

    You don't need millions to draw from, but a great targeted market who wants and needs your book. When you write for a targeted market, you'll be the savvy expert to them. They will want your information and be willing to pay for it.

  3. Pricing your print or eBook just right for your audience.

    When people want a particular skill such as online marketing they will think of the price totally worth it if they can get the results they want. They also appreciate the author's updating the book each year if the present information gets old.

  4. Creating a product that delivers on its promises and more.

    Notice your list of benefits you wrote for your book's back cover and sales pieces for your web site. Does your book give those and then some?

  5. Knowing your product is easy to read--each chapter focuses on a problem and gives solutions within it.

    When your chapters are well organized with a beginning, middle, and end, your reader will want to finish them. When your reader finishes all of them, you have a wonderful 24/7 sales person singing your book's praises.

  6. Creating a web site that sells your book.

    First, plan the home page, and if you are selling only one book, make that page a sales letter that includes the benefits, features, and many testimonials for your book. You'll need an order page and you'll need to offer your book via credit card for easy buying. If it isn't easy for your customers to buy, they will click away. Always offer a toll-free number for easy ordering.

  7. Writing a marketing plan that specifies all your promotion actions you will take, and a time frame for them. This should include your $ goals for your book and a two-year plan after the initial launch. This plan should include the number one way to promote online--writing and submitting articles.

Book and Internet Marketing Coach Judy Cullin helps businesses build clients and sell books. Author of How to Write your Book Fast and The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Targeted Web Traffic, Judy offers free eBook "Book Writing and Marketing Tips" with monthly ezines at


Article Submitted On: November 28, 2006