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Top 7 Things Only The Best Sales People Know And Have The Skills To Take Advantage Of

By Mark Fitzgerald

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The following are seven tidbits of information that sales people should be made aware of in order for them to achieve success in the sales industry.

  1. Prospects become customers for their reasons, not your reasons.

  2. Your prospects love their own ideas and find them persuasive.

  3. Your prospects will resist your ideas and find objections to them.

  4. Prospects seldom initially share the real reasons that they would want to buy from you.

  5. The real reason that people buy may have nothing to do with the product.

  6. The real reason that people buy always has more to do with feelings than with facts.

  7. The best salespeople develop the skills to get the prospect to do his/her own presentation of why he/she would buy before they spend significant effort trying to sell him/her.

Today's Top7Business article was submitted by Mark Fitzgerald. President, Sales Training Institute, Inc. Mark trains professional salespeople and speaks around the country on sales and business development topics. Reach Mark at or call (813) 831-5555.

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Article Submitted On: February 09, 2000