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Top 7 Super Affiliate Winning Ways

By Etoroabasi Umoren

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Start Your Own Home-Based Affiliate Marketing Business With Super Affiliate Rosalind Gardners Expert Guidance! Topics Include Blogging, Market Research, Affiliate Programs, Web Design, Problem Avoidance And So Much More! Updated Completely For 2007.

  1. I get angry every time I hear someone say that there's no money to be made as an affiliate marketer. What a pile of unadulterated cow dung! Those who try to tell you that affiliates can't make a living online:
    Haven't tried affiliate marketing, or;

  2. What is Affiliate Marketing?
    In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is an arrangement between an online merchant and affiliate (you), in which the affiliate earns a commission for generating sales, leads and/or clicks for the merchant's web site.
    For example, many credit card companies will pay you between $5 and $20 in commission for each visitor that you send to their site who completes a credit card application, and up to $55 for those whose applications are approved.

  3. You get 233 information-packed pages of practical tips and real-life examples of WORKING affiliate sites (Note: After reading the Super Affiliate Handbook, the Affiliate Manager at Match.com decided to recommend the Handbook to her other affiliates.)
    "How To" strategies to save you money, time, and effort while building your affiliate marketing business.
    Get an easy-to-understand 5-step overview of the business-building process.
    Discover the top 25 mistakes that 'normal' affiliates make, and how to AVOID them.
    How to create a web site that keeps visitors coming back for more.
    29 ways to market your affiliate sites online and off.
    Why you must stay away from the 'flea market' approach to Internet marketing.
    How to assess a market for profitabilty.
    Discover which products are actually sold online.

  4. Learn which programs to avoid and when to drop others.
    Where to find free software that saves both money and time.
    Learn how to negotiate a raise in your commissions.
    Learn how to stop Thieves from Stealing YOUR Commissions.
    Discover the features your web host must have to get the best value for your buck

  5. How to Promote Associate Programs and Products with a Newsletter.
    How to use Signature Files to Gain MORE Visitors.
    How Forums can bring you more traffic.
    How to build a 1,000-page site in mere seconds!
    The best alternative to selling products on your site.
    Learn which methods bring traffic to your site FAST.
    9 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site for FREE.

  6. How writing a simple ezine article can bring more traffic to your site for FREE.
    How to Get MORE sales from YOUR site even though you are selling the same product as thousands of other affiliates.
    Learn EXACTLY what Super Affiliates do that other affiliates don't do.
    The 20 questions that You MUST get answers to BEFORE you join an affiliate program.
    My favorite places to advertise.

  7. Discover how Keyword and Niche Market Research just got a whole lot easier.
    Learn how to Install a Blog in 7 easy steps with screenshots to show you every step of the process.
    Learn how to Post to your Blog.
    Learn how to put a new Page on your Blog.
    See how to add Categories and Sub-categories to your Blog.
    Learn how to Set File Permissions with and without FTP.

Etoroabasi Umoren

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Article Submitted On: January 14, 2008