Top 7 Suggestions For Making Your Workplace More Fun

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. Nerf Dart Guns. Need I say more? ;-)

  2. Closed offices is out. OPEN is in. Remove barriers. Glass is in.(nerf dart gun tips stick to glass better)

  3. Plan a monthly fun trip, and involve the spouses. (volleyball, bowling, light sports, etc...)

  4. If you're the leader, LIGHTEN up once in a while. Maybe today would be a good day to be a little more playful?

  5. Loosen up the dress code for non-customer meeting employees. BUT, remember to put in excruciating detail what "business casual" means and doesn't mean, and then enforce it.

  6. Appoint someone the Chief Morale Officer, responsible for telling you when you need a stress buster.

  7. Take a Deeeeep breath in.......hold..... exhale. If you have the gumption to get your team together, to breathe together, I would be very scared of your company if you were my competitor. The team that is aligned with purpose (of which a group of folks who calm themselves down to the level of breathing together can begin to achieve) have power, strength, and will eventually dominate their market. I know this is silly.....but so is business some times. :)

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Article Submitted On: March 02, 1998