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Top 7 Strategies to Start Feeling Attractive in 7 Minutes!

By Lee Kariuki

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Attraction is a mind set! It is the strongest of all forces!A scientist will tell you attraction is what keeps this whole world intact from photons to neutrons to atoms to molecules to vessels to organs! Everything is held together by the forces of attraction! So how do you in 7 minutes change everything that you have come to know or beleive in change? Be patient and in excatly seven minutes you will undergo a life changing mental experience!

  1. Master the Law of attraction!

    In physics we all know that in magnetism like poles are attracted to unlike poles! Well that is for metals and we are not metals!As human beings "like attracts like" is the rule of the day!You attract what you predominantly hold in your brain! Hold an image of anger and you wonder why you are angry all day? Hold an image of happiness and is it a coincidence that happiness is all that you experience!Scientifically a thought held in the mind for at least 1 minute is strong enough to manifest in to a feeling!So if you understand this then you have mastered the Law of attraction!

  2. Define your destination!

    Trust me on this one! When you know exactly what you desire, you become more attractive than one who is in the blue!Psychology has done research to show that at least 70% of all individuals want to be a part of something! That is 7 out of every ten people wants or desires to have some self worth by being a part of some organization, cult, club, workplace, leader and the list is endless! People will put faith in you much faster when you have a defined and clear cut goal that your trying to accomplish!So define your destination.

  3. Don't try to please!

    Erase the thought of trying to please anyone but yourself! Ever wondered why a lot of beautiful women are single? You may not agree with me on this one but trust me, women and men are not attracted to opposites who try to please! Logic behind that, attraction is natural. It is an a force that you comprehend or you don't! You can not force someone to be attracted to you but you can influence the chemistry but not trying to be a pleaser!Just be yourself and trust me you will attract a whole lot more people when you are yourself! Don't go buying things you can't afford just so that you are accepted because one way or the other it will wear you out!

  4. Be comfortable with how you look!

    The minute you start asking questions like how do I look and I feel so bad I've added 20 pounds then guess what,you have put doubt in yourself and that puts more doubt in people!Love how you look and if you don't then do something about it! To be honest attraction has very little to do with looks! People are wasting thousand of dollars on their looks yet they forget that the greatest way to become attractive is to change how you feel on the inside! I know of models who look beautiful on the outside but are drug addicts because of how they feel on the inside! Is it a coincidence that a lot of aesthetically beautiful people are mostly the most depressed people? This is because they have always thought that their outer beauty is all they needed to stay aloof! Think again!

  5. Experience your thoughts!

    There are people who think beautiful thoughts and hold wonderful images yet they always wonder why these never manifest in their lives? You have to experience your images! Walk with that impression like you are rich, or loved or a super star! Do everything like you are on the spotlight!Feel like you are truly a star!Talk like run the block all based on your thoughts and that is the extra step that helps you manifest your attractions!This is the step that distinguishes a soap opera actor from a movie star,an journalism major from an author! A chef from a cook!Remember that it is this step that creates rather than does and it can be yours in one minute! Through your thoughts!

  6. Everything you need someone has in abundance it's just a matter of you giving the other person an opportunity or reason to give you what you desire!

    Whether it's money,land,cars someone has it in abundance they don't know what to do with it! Beleive in abundance! The greatest problem with us human beings is that we have been trained to think in a limited way!We have been trained to observe size and time when in real sense what is big and what is small is definitively of no consequence when it comes to accomplishements! It is us the obesevers that have defined what is small and what is big! Take a housefly for example! They have no bias towards size! They will land on an elephants tail or on another dead ant! To them size is insignificant when it comes to their goal of digestion! But why do we stutter when we have to do a relatively "big" deal or where more money is involved? Ever wondered how some people are multi talented? Really what is happeneing is that they have just decided to excell at all they do! Thats all you need to do decide and it won't matter whether it's cooking,cleaning,singing or math once you decide you will excel at everything you attempt,that creates attraction!

  7. Finally have fun! In everything I attempt my first query is will i have fun? If it's not fun then it's probably not worth my time! Everything you do you must make it your intention to have fun! Enjoy life! It was the creators intention and so it should be yours! Why are so many Americans suffering from cardio-vascular diesases and why is it the number one killer in the U.S.? Your partially right besides people not excercising people let stress get to them and that my friends interfere's with your heart!Have fun!

Lee Kariuki

Author of Poetique Doble Entendre and The-Reflexions A journey to Freedom!Everyone and anyone in need of advise, tips anything etc feel free to contact me at


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Article Submitted On: August 02, 2006