Top 7 Strategies to Improve your Trade Show Exhibit Booth

By Patty Stripes

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Once you have decided to participate in a trade show, half your work is done. The other half starts with exploring ideas on how to get the maximum out of the event both in terms of brand building as well as sales enquiries. Here are seven easy to follow and cost-free implementation tips which would help you improve your trade show booth.

  1. Balanced décor

    The size of your trade show booth doesn't really matter. The main idea should be that you work towards achieving a balanced look for the space. The display material and the furniture should be spread evenly instead of concentrating in one section. The entire assigned space should look equal so that visitors find the booth attractive enough to visit it.

  2. Treat it as a mini camp

    You are likely to spend most of your waking hours at the trade show booth for the next couple of days so it is advisable that you spend a few minutes in planning strategic and accessible locations for all items required. This also helps you avoid a mad scramble each time a visitor requests for some literature or a visiting card. For example, keep the enquiry form on a handy clipboard just under the table, keep visiting cards in your pocket for easy access, keep the high quality brochures under the table which can be reached without a lot of exercise etc.

  3. Right amount of furniture

    Aim at 'right-ordering' the furniture. Not so much that your trade show booth looks like a furniture display and not so little that you have no chairs to comfortably seat a tired visitor who might a good potential customer. The furniture should also be a match to your display and avoid the heavy sofa if you have limited space as you will always be skirting around it to get anywhere.

  4. Get more lights than the neighbour

    This is really a good trick which has worked well with me in most of the international trade shows I have participated in. Order a few more lights than what the exhibitors are providing. You can argue that more lights would make you a sweat a bit more, but it would also make you stand out amongst similar stalls as the booth would look brighter and somehow more attractive.

  5. Personnel should be trained on projects

    Sometimes due to shortage of personnel we might hire hosts for the trade show. It is something which cannot be avoided so it would be better that you plan in advance for this and give them sufficient training to them so that they do not appear ignorant to customer requirements.

  6. Flaunt your best attributes

    Though this specific point has been mentioned in previous articles, it is also required to be mentioned here. You should have a concise communication strategy in all your display material to be able to attract visitors. Relevant graphics and a strong message delivery can make all the difference between your and your competitors stall.

  7. Smile

    This is something which is a no-cost sure fire winner. You need to be cheerful but not overly friendly and have a genuine smile while talking to visitors. As the Chinese correctly said that a man without a smiling face should never open a shop and they surely know something about selling.

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Article Submitted On: June 26, 2005