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Top 7 Strategies to Develop Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

By Steve Parker

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As you might guess, keywords are the most important component of your search engine optimization strategy. What will potential customers / visitors type into the search engine to find your web site? If you get this wrong, how will potential customers find you? One should spend considerable time analyzing and developing their keywords and keyword phrases.

One might consider the task similar to deciding which topic sections of the phone book to advertise your company under. If you sell tennis racquets but your company is only listed under sporting goods, you\'re probably losing a fair amount of tennis customers that search under tennis. So think big.

  1. Write down 25 to 50 keywords or keyword phrases that apply to your company, products and or services.

  2. Ask employees, friends, family, customers and business associates what terms they would use to search on Google or Yahoo to find your company. Add them to your list.

  3. Search Google and Yahoo on 5 to 10 of your broadest keywords and analyze the search results for keywords and phrases. Review result pages' title tag, header info, h1 tags, site map and menu for potential keywords. Add them to your list.

  4. Use a keyword tool like Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool at [http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/] to analyze keyword search popularity and suggest keyword variations. Add them to your list.

  5. Create a simple database in MS Excel to sort keywords and keyword phrases based on search popularity and topic significance.

  6. Search Google and Yahoo again to confirm relevance and analyze search results for competitors and potential competitors use of keywords.

  7. Implement Keywords and Keyword phrases in web site design; title tags, meta tags, text, alt tags, etc.

    This was a brief summary for developing keywords. There's a ton more to learn but this should jump start your keyword development strategy.

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Article Submitted On: July 15, 2004