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Top 7 Strategies for Email Marketing Success

By Belinda Meyer

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Build Client Relationships and Increase Repeat Business with Email Marketing. Potentially, sales not only increase when you reach more prospective clients with your message but also motivate and prompt loyal clients to make repeat purchases.

  1. Valuable Content

    When people share their email address with you they expect to receive something valuable. Boring and repetitive emails will lead to low open rates. Your aim is to keep content relevant and valuable. You will need to keep your readers attention while you make an effort to influence new and repeat business. Email content just as with regular printed marketing material; needs to grab attention and be relevant.

  2. Use catchy words

    Use compelling words that hint to the content of your email. Your email subject line should grab attention and prompt the reader to open your email.
    For example if the email is about a new skin care treatment, your header may read: “New skin care treatment improves your skin immediately”

  3. Encourage Opt-ins

    Ask Clients to sign up for your newsletter or special deals and promotions. Make your sign up visible on your homepage.

  4. Welcome Message

    Once you have an opt-in send a welcome message to confirm their subscription. Thank them for the sign-up and send them a special new subscribers offer.

  5. Build your relationship

    Send special mailings, interesting articles, request their opinions, offer a free consultation, membership discounts.

  6. Strong Call to Action

    Include irresistible offers by giving them a good reason to do business with you. If you send good deals once in a while, Clients will be looking out for them. However when you overdo it with too many email and offers; your emails will be ignored. Give them the benefits of following your call to action immediately. Don’t leave your call to action open-ended. Let your readers know that they have a set period of time in which to act on your offer. People tend to respond better to deadlines.

  7. Follow the Rules

    Ask permission to send emails. Have a privacy and anti-spam policy. Avoid spam (unsolicited commercial email). People don’t like receiving it. If your email is perceived as spam, ISPs will block your email server from sending emails. Have an unsubscribe link available.

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Article Submitted On: August 15, 2010