Top 7 Strategies To Use After You Decide To Narrow Your Focus

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. Make a list of every project which consumes your time during a typical week. Then, prioritize them based on your values, which should give you your 'most important core list'. Now, narrow that down to 3 things.

  2. A guiding principle of mine: "Get Big or Get Out". Repeat that to yourself, until it makes sense and you can act on it. Every great failure or success of mine, was because of action I took as it relates to getting big or getting out of a market or business.

  3. Decide now what you will no longer focus on, that you used to, which was preventing you from having a narrow & powerful focus. It's sometimes even more important to know what you ARE NOT than what you ARE.

  4. Take action this week to close off the 1-20 things you decided to no longer do. Yes, you must spend some time focusing on wrapping up the projects, selling the divisions or businesses or projects that you own, in order to narrow your focus on what your new 'Core' focus will be.

  5. Who on your staff or life can help you keep your time focused on your new list of 'core' focuses? What additional work can you delegate so that more of your time can be devoted to making your time really count on your core work?

  6. Remember that it is OK to say "NO", to new projects. This comes back to asking yourself this question: "Can I be big at this, and is it complementary to my existing core focus, or does it have nothing to do with my current narrow focus, in which case, I should decline?"

  7. Post your new, narrow, core focuses in your office, so that every day you can remind yourself what you have decided to make big in your life.

This Piece Was Submitted By Entrepreneur, Author, Business Builder and Email/Web/Internet Strategist, Christopher M. Knight.

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