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Top 7 Strategies To Start The Sale

By Jarrett Anderson

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  1. Ask a potential customer if they already have what you sell. (You may find out they need another one)

  2. Ask if they have ever considered having what you sell. (You may find out they have been thinking about it and would like to find out more about it)

  3. Ask if they know anyone who could use what you sell. (You may find out their mother, father, sister, brother needs one)

  4. Ask if their spouse has what you sell. (You may find out he has one, but she doesn't)

  5. Ask if they had what you sell, how they would use it. (You may find out the one reason they can't live without it.

  6. Ask if they would buy what you sell if the price was right. (You may find out that the price has dropped to the point they are ready to buy)

  7. Ask what the right price is for the product you sell. (You may find out what it will take to get the sale)

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Jarrett_Anderson

Article Submitted On: May 16, 1998