Top 7 Strategies To Not Get Lost In Other Peoples Tips

By Cees de Bruin

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In private life and business we are all tempted to believe in authority. We go from the premisse that someone must know best. The fact is that no one can know what is best, especially for others. All we can do is aspire to improve. What is best keeps getting better...

A leader is someone who recognizes that fact and acts accordingly. In order to stay away from the trap we expose here, the strategies below represent suggestions for your own discovery process. Use them not as criteria for thruth but as indicators for possible new directions to improve your own awareness:

  1. Invite discovery: No one knows what is best, but some know something better.

  2. Force your mindís eye: Who looks for what is missing, wonít be limited to what is known.

  3. Demand non-contradiction from certainty: Certainty arises from failure to prove yourself wrong.

  4. Rely on consistency: What is right isnít always what is best. What is best is never what is wrong.

  5. Clarify the personal: What is emotional is what eludes you.

  6. Embrace discomfort: What is nagging indicates liability.

  7. Be conscious of interpretation: Meaning is never obvious.


Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Cees_de_Bruin

Article Submitted On: February 05, 2007