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Top 7 Strategies To Make a Major Sale

By Steve Hilliar

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you are having problems closing that big deal. You just can't get to the right contact. Well you are not alone. Sales people everywhere are sharing the same issues. However there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The key is ASK Questions AND in the correct order. The big problem we all face is busting our gut to show or talk about our product or service.

  1. Find out all you can about your prospect. Ask everything you can about their current situation, what they do? where they come from? where they are going? What is their direction and future intentions?

  2. Next ask about their problems, what are they? What are they dissatisfied about?

  3. What does that dissatisfaction mean to them? How important is the problem? Expand on what they say to make the problem bigger in their mind.

  4. What is it worth for them to solve the problem? How would it change their life or improve their business?

  5. Only show your product or service when you have the answers to all of the above.

  6. Once you show your product or service explain the benefits.
    REMEMBER a benefit is ONLY something that your product or service can provide IF it is of value to your client. Unless it is acknowledged it is only an advantage and benefits sell NOT advantages

  7. Sign the deal

Steve Hilliar

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Article Submitted On: June 02, 2007