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Top 7 Strategies To End Suffering & Really Enjoy Life

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. 90% of mental suffering occurs when you have a strong need for the present reality to be different than it is. When you release the need for the present to be different, mental suffering can dissipate.

  2. Release your need to be right. What if you're not? To enjoy life 101, you need to be able to be humble. It's easy to be humble, when you realize that you really don't know very much about anything, and if you think I'm wrong, then maybe it'll be a bit before you understand how to be humble. :)

  3. Accept yourself without judgement. God made you perfect, even with your imperfections. Everything is exactly as it should be. When we forget this, suffering occurs.

  4. Learn to be tolerant of opinions, ideas, and creativity that is not your own.

  5. Be independent of the good opinion of others. Only you can control how you feel on a minute by minute basis. NEVER give anyone else power over your ability to control your emotional state. This is within your human right.

  6. Do not hate others. In order to hate others, you have to harbor hate and angry within yourself. Whatever you are FOR, strengthens you. Whatever you are against, weakens you.

  7. CHOOSE your destiny. Fortunately, you are doomed to make choices in life, so make a decision to take control of the currents that flow through your life.

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Article Submitted On: August 08, 1998