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Top 7 Strategies To Earn What You're Worth

By Belinda Meyer

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Advice for Beauty Salon and Spa owners who are undercharging for the benefits and results they deliver.


    How do you feel about people who have so much money, they donít know what to do with it? Do you resent them? When you see a woman dripping with diamonds and gold jewellery, Louis Vuitton emblems all over her handbag, what feeling does it invoke? How do you feel about people who have more money than they even know how to spend? By examining your feelings about people with lots of money you begin to understand your own beliefs about wealth and prosperity.

    What is your gut reaction to Paris Hilton? If you are uncomfortable with money you may use the words spoilt, selfish, and egotistical, tease and trashy.Those who are comfortable with money use words like popular, savvy, bright, focused, flexible, fun, innovative (unpredictable) and chic.

    Observe how you react to wealthy people to reveal your core beliefs about money. Without a healthy attitude to money, you stand little chance of accumulating much of it.


    Do you avoid asking for a sale? Do you include a call to action in your advertisements and printed material? When you want to be a top earner, you cannot hold back. You need to help your potential client and lead them step-by-step closer to making a buying decision. Donít be shy to blow your own horn. Clients want to be associated with a successful and popular salon. The most successful marketers know that in order to grow their business they have to unashamedly promote themselves. Give clear information and explain the benefits of your treatments and products. Practice and polish your sales message. Sell the expected results.


    See yourself as someone who makes a lot more money. What does this new you look like? What does she wear? What does she spend her money on? How does her Salon operate? The more you see and feel this mental picture the sooner youíll shift your inner image of yourself to the new, higher paid you! Once you start visualising yourself as a high earning salon owner, you will start to see solutions and opportunities you didnít notice before.


    People are more likely to say ďYesĒ to an Experience rather than just a service. For example, the classic massage can become a massage experience with Ayurvedic Hot Oil Massage therapy and technique. In this therapy, medicated herbal oils are massaged into the body by two therapists with specialized strokes in synchronicity. This type of massage promotes healing, and rejuvenation. Attention to detail and pleasant surprises has clients enchanted and wanting more. Make your salon irresistible with sophisticated style, a relaxing vibe, heavenly pampering, delectable and delicious fragrances and fabulous music.


    Know what your competitors are doing. What are they charging? After youíve done your research, consider what you offer your clients. How does it compare to what your competitors are offering? If you want to shine, your need to know what you do well and how you do it differently. What is so fabulous about you? Uncover your value and benefits and your client will see the worth and need of doing business with you.


    Are you working hard, and wondering whether it is worth it? If you feel resentment you are earning below your resentment figure and are feeling badly about being underpaid. This displeasure can lead to depression. I believe it is possible for you to make more money. It is time to step up and charge what you are worth. The cost of not taking care of ourselves is too high! Stop waiting until you are perfect to speak up for your needs. You are good enough right now to make more money. And while we may desire to keep everyone else happy, there comes a time when we have to put ourselves first.


    Keep up to date with the latest and greatest in the beauty industry. The more you learn, the more you earn. Your clients want something new and they want answers. You need great ideas and beauty solutions to keep your salon fully booked. Whenever you have good news, something new and exciting or a special promotion, make sure all your clients know about it. A quick email has the ability to make things happen quickly. To grow your income, it is wise to keep in touch with past clients to keep the momentum of repeat business. Your fortune is in your follow-up.

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Article Submitted On: August 18, 2009