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Top 7 Strategies To Acing Your Media Interview

By Aileen Pincus

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Now that you've won the media's interest, do you know what to do with it? Make sure you make the most out of your media moment with these top Media Training Tips:

  1. Interview the interviewer: Find out where you fit in the story and the angle the reporter is looking for. How? Ask! (That doesn't mean asking in advance what questions will be asked).

  2. Do some homework: Make sure you understand your audience--and remember, your audience isn't the reporter. Your audience consists of the people who read and listen to that reporter.

  3. Think about what you want to say: It may sound obvious, but an interview isn't just another conversation. Make sure you succinctly prepare at least two messages that you want to appear in the article or be used on-air.

  4. Learn to bridge: Don't wait for the interviewer to ask what you want to talk about. Answer a reporters questions but be prepared to "bridge" to the bigger picture messages you've prepared.

  5. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know". Don't 'wing it' or try to bluff. If you aren't sure, just tell the reporter and move on to the next item of what you DO know.

  6. Keep it short. Many interview subjects just don't know when to stop talking. (Hint: It's right after you've made your point).

  7. Seek a longer-term relationship with the reporter. Any reporter who finds a knowledgeable source who can come armed with good quotes and soundbites about an issue, and who can help the reporter supply context to a story, is a source that reporter will value. Make sure you offer easy access for future stories to the reporter.

Aileen Pincus
The Pincus Group

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Article Submitted On: February 15, 2007