Top 7 Strategies To Achieve Success On Home Business

By Erny Setyawati

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What are your professions? As a entrepreneur home business, affiliate marketer or the beginner of all home business. You are an asset. You are not only CEO (Chief Executive Officer), but you are including OEO (Only Executive Officer).

The improvement and failures of your business are depends of you. You should be professional in your work. Without professional and commitment on your business, people never believe you. All of your actions would reflect to your business. How could you seem professional on your business? There are many ways.

  1. Made a small room for your office.

    Had a small room for your office are better than you worked every where in your home. By having separate room from your house hold, you could consent for your job. Your small office would remind you to work when the time for working. You would be discipline and consistent to come there and began to work.

  2. Answer telephone with friendly and welcome voice.

    Many new home businesses donít care to answer telephone. Answered from child voice would make your customers are disappointed. It looked you are not serious in your business. Answered from automatics answered machine is avoided. Personal answered is more human thought than machine. Your customers are feeling be cared by your personal voice.

  3. Donít be late to answer your telephone.

    Donít wait until three times ring to answer your telephone. Every times you speak over the telephone; you would represent your business and your professionalism. Master your business as complete as possible. One times you give false answer; your customers never come back. Professional speaking would improve good image, building brand image and could build business network.

  4. Contact your customers.

    To promote your home business is not enough one time contact. You could offer your customers to visit your website in order to see full information about your business. Offering to give presentation is good idea also. By assemble at one place, you could communicate and change information about your business.

  5. Building website as specific as possible.

    Building specific website is more interesting for visitors to come. For example, your business is selling orchid. Of course, your website would tell all about orchid. How do you take seeds; to improve the seeds, to plant and marketing the orchids? Give special contact for consultation and discussion.

  6. Bring hand phone and laptop whenever you go!

    The risks to improve home business is ready be contacted by customers every time. How are the customers feeling when contact your phone, but no one answer? It would be better; you always bring your hand phone and laptop whenever you go. By bringing them, you could answer telephone and check mail.

  7. Be blogger to build network.

    Building network is not enough only to make specific website, because many competitors around you. You should competitive with others business that the core business is same as you. Joining blogging is solution. You could get many customers from there. Having friends to discuss and changing experiences

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Article Submitted On: March 21, 2006