Top 7 Steps to Buzz Networking Basics

By Ron McDaniel

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Buzz Networking is a new trend in marketing that get people to spread word of mouth and buzz about the people they meet. Instead of worrying about referrals, it focuses on just creating higher visibility for each other and letting the chips fall where they may. These seven tips will prepare you for buzz networking.

  1. Be prepared with a story that is memorable and interesting. Ask yourself if you would repeat the story to your friends.

  2. Have a story that is memorable because of how it helped someone else.

  3. Have a story that shows your human side.

  4. Talk freely about others and let them know you are talking about them.

  5. Mention specific people, products and experiences when telling a story.

  6. Meet new people every chance you get.

  7. Challenge yourself to broadcast your message in new ways every week.

Ron McDaniel is CEO of Buzzoodle. Buzzoodle is a Buzz Networking challenge system that gets people out and creating buzz for their organization. Visit http://www.buzzoodle.com for more information.

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Article Submitted On: August 06, 2005