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Top 7 Steps for Successful Conference Call

By Keith Tomlinson

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Conference calls save time and money. Here are some simple tips you can use to make conference calls work.

  1. TIME PREPARATION - Clear a time slot in your schedule. Allow 10 minutes before start time to 20 minutes after conference completion.

  2. BODY PREPARATION - Visit the washroom, fresh up, consider this as a call to a boardroom meeting.

  3. OFFICE PREPARATION - Must have; a comfortable chair, area to make notes on, pad, pen or pencils and calculator.

  4. TOOLS - Good speaker phone with mute button. If you are the moderator or speaker invest in a good head set.

  5. LIQUID PREPARATION - Fresh ice water or your favorite non-alcoholic drink.

  6. START TIME - Call into the conference a minute or two early to ensure a static free connection. There is usually a bit of networking or social talk until the moderator of speaker joins the call.

  7. CONFERENCE CALL ETIQUETTE - Have your phone on mute unless you are participating in the conversation. Do not place your phone on hold, as the other participants will not want to listen to your company's Muscat sound.

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Article Submitted On: May 07, 1999