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Top 7 Steps To Prepare Flyer Designs Properly

By Kaye Marks

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Let us get your color flyers ready for printing. This may sound like a simple affair to you, but if you are serious with your flyer marketing, you will have to think your preparations through. Flyer printing in itself is a complicated process really, and it requires the gathering of the right elements for the whole process to produce something good and effective at marketing. So let me teach you the seven steps that you will need to do to prepare designs properly for mass production. Learn through these items and remember them for your own printing process.

  1. Check your content accuracy

    The first stop is your content. Make sure that you check if the content is actually accurate, with the right details, correct spelling and of course the proper grammar styles. Many great prints fail just because of a small typographical error, detail error or a bad grammar mistake. Make sure that you have checked the content front and back for mistakes. You might even want to do these one or two times to make sure that you did not miss anything.

  2. Check your content impact

    With content checked, the next checking point is the impact. Does your content actually have an impact on a reader? On the other hand, is it just the typical commercial drivel? Check this by having some sample readers review your content and see if there is any impact to them. Have some colleagues and friends actually read your draft and list down their critical feedback. Integrate all their constructive criticisms in an action plan and use it to improve your draft before you actually pass the design for mass production.

  3. Check your graphics and images

    Also, you will want to check the graphics present. This includes the main cover image, logos, graphics, line dividers and borders. See if there are flaws or pixels in those images, and of course determine if they are aligned properly within the flyer itself. Each image inserted must be set at a high resolution to make sure that they do not get blurry once printed into your custom flyers. So make sure you check each image and graphic element. Such should be easy to do.

  4. Check your color scheme

    To make sure that your outputs do not look too gaudy or drab. You should always check your color scheme. If you are very artistic this should be second nature to you, but if you are not that adept at color combinations, you may want to analyze your color use properly within. It is important that the text have color that will make it easily visible. The background and the graphics should be equally complimentary with more emphasis placed on the graphics of course. As long as the colors look like they ARE NOT fighting each other you should be fine. Have others check the colors as well to be sure.

  5. Check your margins

    It is also important to check your margins. You do not want your design elements to stray, misaligned in one part. Make sure that you follow everything within your templates and of course compensate your backgrounds with printing bleeds.

  6. Check your configuration and size

    Before you pass your drafts on to printing, you should also check your configuration and size. To make sure that your document is not distorted or converted by the flyer printing company. Make sure that the dimensions match the standard definition your printer has set. Just check the values if they match, and you should be fine.

  7. Check your printing choices

    Finally, try to check your choices. The paper materials, the inks and even the special coatings must all contribute to a good design that emphasizes your message. Also of course, review if the material you have chosen can make the final output as durable as you need it to do its job well.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Kaye_Marks

Article Submitted On: May 28, 2011