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Top 7 Steps To Domain Name Success

By Kay Hammond

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  1. Search for domain names that describe your product or service. Don't worry if the .com is unavailable. Go for a .co.uk or a .org or .net. The important part is to get your keywords in the domain name.

  2. Register variants on your company name, i.e., for TAMBA Internet register tamba.co.uk and tambainternet.co.uk. You don't want to lose any customers simply because they assume your domain name wrongly.

  3. Finish every phone conversation with "If there's anything else you want to know, please take a look at our Web site. It's at [http://www..]." People won't find your Web site unless you tell them about it.

  4. Always use an email account on your own domain name, not a free email account such as Hotmail. This brands Hotmail and not your company.

  5. If the domain name you want is unavailable, make a note when it's registered until. Lots of domain names are released after their initial registration period expires and you can pick it up from a registrar when it's expired.

  6. Register as many domain names as possible. Use company name, slogan, description of product and/or service. The more routes into your Web site, the better.

  7. Don't forget domain names expire. Always note down when yours expire and remember to re-register them. Someone could be waiting to get your domain name!

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Article Submitted On: December 14, 2000