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Top 7 Steps To Creating Lasting Business Relationships

By Edie Pereira Hulbert

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A wonderful business relationship will take you through the thick and thin times of your business and will provide you the support you will need at all times. Here are some tips on how you can create a business relationship that will last.

  1. Prepare!!!

    Research and gather all the information you might need for this relationship. In this case, overpreparation is not a bad idea.

  2. Be Motivated. Enthusiasm and excitement about the prospect can create great inroads for you.

  3. Get their attention. Determine ahead of time why they want to do business with you.

  4. Find the similarities...create communication. We like those who are like us. Therefore, discover the commonalities and open up that line of communication.

  5. Cultivate their interest. Do some thinking about how they can benefit from your product or service.

  6. Solve Their issue. Being a problem-solver will be one of the great careers of the 21st century. How will your service enhance their business?

  7. Cultivate a true desire for a win-win outcome. Determine the value that you are providing and ensure that both parties come out ahead.


    • Say "we" five times for each time you say "I." Remember, there is power in numbers.

    • Provide positive feedback as much as possible. Write those thank-you notes, give out appreciation certificates, or whatever other ideas you might have to convey your positive feelings.

    • Create a future. Many businesses operate on referral business alone. Develop a referral team with the business.

Hulbert of ERE Professional Coaching is a master certified coach, certified mentor coach, graduate of and senior trainer for Coach University, and board member for the International Coach Federation. She delights in working with individuals to develop their own personal strengths. Her clients are individuals who are taking action to enhance their lives with joy and abundance. She also publishes two free monthly online newsletters, Living the Life You Love, the newsletter for those living and working with passion, and Perfecting Your Prosperous Practice, the newsletter for helping you develop a thriving practice that's profitable, too! In addition, she teaches a number of teleclasses on a wide variety of subjects. For more information or a complimentary coaching session, contact Edie at (716) 529-5204, email her at , or visit her Web site at www.erecoach.com. You can subscribe to her newsletters at her Web site. For a complete listing of teleclasses, send a blank email to .

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Article Submitted On: February 29, 2000