Top 7 Steps To Becoming A Great Leader

By Chris Widener

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  1. Be great follower. The first thing they teach the new cadets at West Point is to follow directions!

  2. Set your heart on leading people to greatness, not on your own personal greatness.

  3. Learn from every situation you are in, good or bad. Then you can repeat success and avoid the mistakes you have made.

  4. Listen to your trusted advisors. Leadership isn't always being right yourself. It is sorting out the opinions and choosing the right one.

  5. Lead by example. People will do what you say only if you do first. Teddy Roosevelt was known for leading in battle.

  6. Take the hardest jobs and give the easier ones to your followers. They will know it - and respect it.

  7. Stay focused on the future. The endgame is what you are playing for, even as you operate out of the present.

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Article Submitted On: August 10, 1998