Top 7 Steps To A High Energy Work Day

By Joe Marino

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All of life is energy. Every successful sale is a transfer of positive energy. Every creative product or project is the result of a right energy mix. Whatever takes away from your energy is bad. Whatever increases energy is good. Improve your energy and you increase the quality of who you are. That increases the quality of everything around you. You donít have to believe me. Experiment!

  1. Create Reserve In Your Space

    Reserve always improves energy -≠ a healthy savings account, lots of supportive relationships, several opportunities for other positions being offered -≠ what a feeling! The same principle works with space. "Clear the clutter" isnít just a professional organizerís mantra. Itís a strategy to improve performance and effectiveness.

    Take the old stuff off the walls. Clear the floor. Make the window a "no-junk" zone. Make the office look like you just moved in.

    If youíre sick and you canít seem to get well, go to a doctor. If you canít bring yourself to let go of stuff, hire a professional organizer. Remember, the primary qualification is "ruthless."

  2. Get The Phone Off Your Desk

    Worst case -≠ put it off to the side at the back end of the return. Best case -≠ on the credenza behind you. Having the phone in your line of sight drains your energy with its subconscious message "Call somebody!" And when you have to turn around to answer it, you arenít distracted by whatís on your desk. Clarified attention makes for clarified energy.

  3. The Cure For Piles Is "Preparation H"

    The "H" stands for hanging files. Get a cardboard file box, fill it with hanging folders, and clear every pile in your office.

    Get it all into a folder. Label as you go. Saving an article? You donít need the whole magazine. Tear the article out (be sure to check for "continued on page ____" and tear that page out too.)

    Donít worry about how to label folders. Make it up as you go. Consider it "jazz organization." Just get every piece of paper in a folder.

  4. Make And Use A Daily Activity File

    More hanging folders -- this time in your desk drawer at your fingertips. Label them 1 to 31. Put every piece of paper in the day that requires action. Canít decide on that convention registration? Put it in the folder thatís two days prior to when you can still register with a discount.

    Waiting for the paperless office? Forget it. Youíve been told to handle any piece of paper only once. Forget that ≠- itís too much pressure. Pressure drains energy. If you canít decide on a disposition, put a checkmark on the top of the paper and put it in the 1 to 31 file for several days later. Three checkmarks means throw it away.

    Move the stuff from the cardboard work file into the 1 to 31 folders. Start each day with a review of that dayís folder.

  5. Eliminate Attending Every Possible Meeting

    Nothing eats up energy more than 20 minutes of decisions made in three hours! Eighty-five percent of meetings are unnecessary and the other 15% are too long! Beg off, ask to be excluded, volunteer to do something else during the meeting -≠ do whatever it takes to avoid being in meetings. When you have to be in one, request an agenda and an expected end time. Then let it be known youíll have to leave early.

  6. Identify Your Roles and Your Circle Of Ten

    Now that everything around you is clear, letís clear everything in you.

    Energy soars when you are moved to action by "who" rather than "what." Who are you? I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a company owner, a personal coach. What are the roles you fill? And who are the characters related to each role? Identify the Top Ten People.

    Itís simple to discover (A)who you are, and (B)who the Top Ten Most Important People in your life are. Tasks, projects, priorities, involvements will take on a new clarity.

  7. Change Your Physiology

    The most simple and easiest way to increase energy is physical:

    • Stand up

    • Reach your hands up toward the ceiling and down toward the floor

    • Slowly turn your head from shoulder to shoulder

    • Lift your shoulders up toward your ears then down again

    • Wiggle your toes and fingers

    • Sit back down

    Itís about 90 seconds that will make a positive change in the flow of the day.

Joe Marino is a Corporate Educator, Personal Success Tele-Coach, and publisher of LifeCanBeGood NEWS E-zine. His clients are professionals who learn to "have the courage to do less and earn more."

You can visit his Web Site at [http://www.LifeCanBeGood.com], call him by telephone at (904) 247-4065 or e-mail him at

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Article Submitted On: October 10, 2000