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Top 7 Steps For Positive Success

By Sonora Jayne Case

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Being a success is easily achievable for the majority of people. It is all a matter of mindset. Think of people with very humble beginnings, who have gone on to great success. In many ways they had the advantage of something to prove, so were passionate and determined to do well. We can all replicate this!Your personal situation does not matter, neither does your past. You can change the cards in your hands at any moment! Reshuffling and getting a new pack is very easy. All you need to do is retrain your habitual way of thinking to harness the power of attraction. It's empowering to know we can begin with very little, and still be Successful in every area. Here's how to start:

  1. Begin by Appreciating what you have right now.

    Everyone has something to appreciate. Write a list and include all things, big and those perceived as small. Be conscious of your wording. "I had no bills today" packs more attraction power when it becomes "I appreciate the money in my pocket". And concentrate on what you do have, rather than lack. What we focus on we draw more of the same. Double check your thoughts, feeling and ideas for positivity rather than lack, for great results. Starting with the feeling of appreciation kick starts your Success by opening the channel for your Good to flow to you. When we're concentrating on what we don't want, or feeling let down or nervous - we block our good from coming to us. Appreciating and feeling gratitude, opens us up to receiving.

  2. Ask if what you are doing feels good.

    If it doesn't, change it to something that does feel good. Expect positive results from every act of allowing (feeling good). Each time you appreciate, or feel gratitude, or make the effort to feel good KNOW that your good is coming! It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling we should be doing something else, learning something else or practising something else before our good can come. Close the gap to what you want by expecting your good, right here and now!

  3. Concentrate on your end result.

    Try not to focus on where you are now, or where you've come from - that is just a moment in passing. It's come and gone, forget it. Instead, imagine you already have what you wanted. Better still, look back from a future vantage point and "remember" how it felt when you received what you want and what you're doing now that you have your Success as defined by you. This prevents us from slipping into the trap of concentrating on our end result coming in the future. It helps to develop a furtive imagination!

  4. Gain Clarity for your wants.

    From your future vantage point, double check your Success wish lists mesh well together. It may not mesh well if you've always wanted a malamute and retire to Spain for example. At the top of your head it may sound like a good idea, but look into the future and you can see you may prefer to attract differently. When you get really clear, the Universe can deliver faster. There's no confusion, or crossed wires. Know exactly what you want and the benefits.

  5. Spend time with other successful people.

    Nothing breeds success like success. This doesn't mean leaving your present friends behind. It simply means noticing that we become most like who we spend our time with. Choosing to spend time with like minded individuals boosts your chances of success. It also has the added bonus of belief in yourself. If you don't know successful people, join or start a successful mind group. Choose people with similar ideas as yourself when it comes to the "big stuff" such as what life is about. Meet regularly and support each other with ideas and encouragement. It is so much easier to be successful when surrounded by successful supportive people, and you'll get some incredible leg ups when bouncing ideas off each other. Never underestimate having good solid support behind you. It can make all the difference.

  6. Keep your Focus.

    People tend to give up very early and way to easily. In fact at the first sign of waning interest or any "problems" arise, they quit. This goes for anything, diets, learning an instrument, New Years Resolutions. The difference with Successful people is they are committed to their growth. SO keep the ball rolling any way you can. This will differ from person to person, and we all have some down days - the trick is to get back up again and remember what we want and why! Winners remember their end result, keep that feeling tone and stay focused. Bumps in the road don't put them off, they simply use their mind set to see them as advantages and get the right people to help them.

  7. Start living as though you are a Success right now. Today! This minute!

    Whatever Success means to you - do it! Be passionate and enthusiastic - it's meant to be fun! If it's not feeling fun, change your focus to what does feel good. That's a better Success Path for you. Everyone can take action steps today to further them along the path. The good news is, any feel good steps you can do, helps you attract even faster! So any actions you can take - with that Success feeling is an added bonus. How fast you become Successful, is really up to you! You hold the power of the direction of your life.

    Begin Today! And get ready to embrace your new Successful Life because it's coming! In fact, it just arrived :)


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Article Submitted On: June 25, 2007