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Top 7 Small But Costly Mistakes

By Judy Davison

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  1. When you put your URL in any printed material make sure you do not put a period after the address. Some of these articles I read have a sentence like: "Visit us at: [http://www.mallbytes.com]." The problem with this is that when clients copy and paste it to the browser, the site won't come up. It's the wrong address. Leave the period off so when it's copied and pasted the site will still come up. It should be [http://www.mallbytes.com] All your clients do not realize that it will make a difference and you lose a ton of hits because they don't know why the address won't work.

  2. When using a signature block, always use your six lines if applicable. If your signature block doesn't take up six lines, it gives you an opportunity to advertise. Never pass up free advertising.

  3. Make sure you have meta tags placed within your pages. The search engines have spiders that seek out products, etc., on your site. If you don't have your keywords blindly inserted, you don't get listed. So many people are submitting their site but it never shows up.

  4. In the very top of your page, instead of just putting the name of your company in this area, it should be used as a place to advertise, so put your products in here. Remember, it's also what your clients see when they save it to their favorite places, and the search engines pick up its content.

  5. When you first start to advertise, make sure you have everything set up to go and start out a little slow. There have been some who couldn't handle all the responses that they received and have actually had to stop advertising. Can you imagine the money they lost for not be prepared and the customers they lost because they didn't get taken care of?

  6. When writing articles in any ezine or putting text up on your site, make sure you don't sound too short. Sometimes when writing newsletters, etc., you don't realize what it actually reads like. Be a little sweeter than normal when writing, you can come off as short and mean without realizing it. This will lose customers in a hurry. It gives them the idea that you don't care.

  7. Make sure you focus on your target market. Advertising is costly and if your trying to sell monkeys to the hospital, it's a waste of money and time.

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