Top 7 Small Business Marketing Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs

By Jan Marie Dore

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Women entrepreneurs work with me as their business coach to learn easy marketing systems to grow their small business. Over the years, I have identified the seven strategies that work best to market your small business:

  1. Choose a narrow niche to dominate

    Your marketing efforts are simplified when you narrow your niche. Standing out in a small, defined niche is much easier and more effective than being one of many in a broad market.

  2. Create a powerful, self introduction

    Make it succinct. Say in as few words as possible who your work with, what their main challenge is, and how you help them solve that problem. Then, get the word out, and ask others to spread it for you too.

  3. Start a newsletter

    You need to get in front of your prospects an average of seven times before they are ready to buy from you. An email newsletter or ezine is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with clients and provide value.

  4. Offer free talks and small scale seminars

    Small seminars are one of the best ways to grow your business and get referrals. Put on your own free talks and seminars, or offer them through organizations that can put you in front of your ideal clients.

  5. Rewrite your website to focus on keywords

    If you donít use targeted keywords at your website, people will never find you through the search engines. Find out which words potential customers are searching on, and sprinkle those words throughout your website copy and your articles.

  6. Write articles to demonstrate your expertise

    Writing and promoting articles that showcase your wisdom and experience can give you lots of free publicity for your business. Write about the latest trends, have an opinion, and take a stand. Marketing with articles will help you stand out and get noticed.

  7. Expand your network

    You need a large network to grow a small business. Develop strategic alliances and ask others to help get the word out for you. Leverage the power of your connections to promote your business.

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Article Submitted On: September 24, 2006