Top 7 Skills for Global Success

By Michael McCann

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Going Global? Here are Seven Skills You Canít Do WithoutÖ

By now, the picture is clear: Today weíre working in a global environment. The upside is that every business now has access in an exciting worldwide marketplace. The downside? Working internationally can be tricky at best Ė things take longer, few people know exactly whatís going on, and, in general, everyone feels awkward. But this may just be the price we have to pay for conducting business in an ever-shrinking world.

There are ways, however, to improve your chances for success, according to Morgan McCall and George Hollenbeck, authors of Developing Global Executives (Harvard Business School Press, 2002). In fact, there are seven global competencies you need to develop as you expand your business horizons.

  1. 1. Be open-minded.

    Global business means working in a variety of unfamiliar settings, with very different kinds of people. So be flexible in your thoughts and actions; rigidity can only get you into trouble.

  2. 2. Show an interest in other cultures.

    Curiosity about people who are different from you is an asset. Itís how relationships develop. So crank up your sensitivity quotient. (Learning a foreign language is a good place to start).

  3. 3. Get used to complexity.

    Youíll be dealing with a lot of ambiguity as you move into a world arena. Different cultures mean different values, ethics, business practices, food, music, etc. So be patient and be willing to look at all sides of all issues.

  4. 4. Develop a resilient spirit.

    Thereís no room for the faint of heart on the international stage. Instead of getting discouraged by adversity, youíre better off when you welcome challenges and act energetically in dealing with them.

  5. 5. Act honestly.

    When everything is changing around you, consistency is very important. It engenders trust among different people, so you can begin to depend on one another Ė and thatís the backbone of good business.

  6. 6. Create a stable personal life.

    Anchors are important in rough seas. Pay special attention to your private life, and keep it as free from stress as possible. Above all, focus on your family, for that is always your true anchor.

  7. 7. Develop expertise.

    In order to have instant credibility as you venture into new cultures, itís helpful to be perceived as an expert. Whether itís in technology, management, or some other field, youíll want to always put your best foot forward.

    There is no magic way to become a success in the global marketplace. Like anything else, it requires a lot of thinking and hard work. These seven competencies will help. If you want real results in the 21st century, start to put them into practice.

Michael McCann

Managing Director

The Business Cafe



Raleigh, NC

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Article Submitted On: November 03, 2004